Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunroom Revisited

Well - it has been some time since I last wrote of any renovation work on the Sunroom.  We have though, been making progress in 2014 - much to our delight!

The long hours and precision work is seeing our Sunroom looking less like Coco's large kennel and more like our Sunroom (although I am not sure that Coco sees this as a good thing!)

Sarking in progress

Sarking, Insulation & Cladding in progress

Cladding in Progress

Cladding continues

Sunroom Interior - Ceiling beams

Sunroom - Ceiling Installation

Sunroom - Ceiling Installation Completed
Our gorgeous Coco - pleading to keep her big outdoor kennel space

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Shelf + Mantel + Revisited

With this project being all consuming for the majority of 2013, we are doing the happy dance that our living room shelving is now complete - and looks amazing.  Darrell is particularly happy - now he can move onto the next project on the list (he said - not).

Just a few finishing touches to go...

Custom designed, built & installed Shelving - built around Mantel

Living room love

Monday, 12 August 2013

Shelf + Mantel

The finishing touch for our Living Room was to design and build the custom made storage shelving around our fireplace and mantel.  It is quite the project - from conception to fruition, and whilst not completely finished it is taking shape beautifully and will serve us well.  With my Design and Darrell's Fruition - this is what we have come up with thus far.

Carcass being built

Shelving being fitted

Shelving fitted & painted

Carport Makeover

Not necessarily the most glamorous part of a home, but the carport serves to keep us and all under it dry.   And now our does too - thanks to it's recent makeover, which included a fresh coat of paint in keeping with our chosen colour scheme.

Darrell removed the old broken leaking roof and the hanging hessian  - all to be replaced with Colorbond in Bushland (our roof colour choice), and clear panels to let the light in whilst still keeping the weather out - win win! - and of course the much needed guttering and voila.  We now have a functioning and aesthetically pleasing carport.

New Color Bond Roofing

New Roofing - Side view

Carport - Painted and re Roofed

Back to the Front

Can you believe that this is my first finger to key on the Blog in 2013?  Now that is not to say that there has been no progress in our country abode, albeit slow.  We have in fact painted the pillars that last appeared in their burnt back state - paint ready - however photos of these are still to come.  Sometimes we get so carried away with the progress we neglect to capture it on film (or rather on phone these days).

So the progress that we have captured is the Front Yard - where cobbled bricks & mortar have replaced slabs of cracking concrete, and new hedging has replaced crowded and struggling English Box - we think it is a big improvement.

Pathway prior to new brick work & hedging

Pathway - glammed up with new brick work and hedging

Monday, 24 September 2012

Front of house

With many projects still on the go, my industrious husband starts the next project - the front verandah. With many jobs to be done - we have started at the top and are working our way down.

Removing the iron lace

Iron lace removed for restoration

Iron lace sandblasted & repaired

Iron lace spray undercoated

Pillars burnt back ready for repair and painting
Painted Iron Lace & Painted Pillars

Open & Shut

We have lived without internal doors for quite some time, so you can understand that we are excited with the progress of the doors in readiness for hanging  - thanks again to Darrell, and his heat gun.

Burning back the many layers of paint on the original doors

The workshop - in action