Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Storage Solutions

I designed shelving and cupboards to go on either side of our fireplace in our lounge room, and as I type this Darrell is building said cupboard and shelving storage. It will be another milestone to be able to unpack our books and have some much needed storage in our living area.

The start

The left & the right


Grand Entrance

Our beautiful Front door has been burned back, sanded, patched, painted and the original lock re fitted, along with the hand cut keys  - Darrell has been busy.

Burning back the old

Making headway with the burn

Internal Milk door - c/- Porters

External Shell Grey door - c/- Porters

Dining In

The moment I had been waiting for - my kitchen and dining room completion - I am very excited and am delighted to be able to cook again and be reunited with all my utensils, pots, pans, and kitchen equipment.  We are still living in some disarray as we are awaiting for some additional storage to arrive  - but for the moment - I am very happy to be cooking again - thanks Darrell - I LOVE my kitchen - take a look and you will see why.

Blue be gone

Undercoat over the blue

Dining entrance door painted

Dining to Sun room door frame painted

Painted & with hardware

Kitchen bi-fold windows fitted & painted & brassed

Brass power

My kitchen in all it's glory

Dining room  - with some unpacking to do

Dining chairs have made it into their designated room