Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Nearly October

With a long weekend coming up, we are reminded that it is nearly October and therefore nearly Christmas and we have friends and family visiting in December - And are we ready- NO, no water, no bathroom, no kitchen, no laundry, no shelving, no lighting...... 
But - on the flip side a lot of work has already been done.

The shed is up, the concrete is in and polished- and we have shelves and boys toys in the shed - no electricity or air flow - but they will come! 
The old shed (part thereof)

The old shed is down

The new shed going up

Concrete being laid

The shop - now has walls inside and a roof.  Still needs TLC on the outside as does the outside of the house and the inside of the 3rd bedroom - which looks like a demolition site! Inside also needs painting, flooring, windows, and to be fit out - watch this space


Veterinary clinic in it's original glory!

And the renovation/demolition begins

Old death notices on the wall

Back room with floor (and holes in floor)

Back room with no holes in floor (& no floor)

Starting to remove lining on the wall (which did a poor job of hiding the salt damp!)

The stonemasonry work commences

Window reinforced (good work Darrell)

The house - now has a built in wardrobe, paint on some walls, power point wiring in the correct places, lead light windows are in and some floor is sanded and sealed, paving around the house and shop is complete, some plumbing is in place, the extended bathroom wall has the structure up (be kind - it took us 3 months to demolish in readiness to rebuild - out with the kitchen, bathroom, toilets, tiles, some walls, hooks out of walls, all doors off, all dado's and door jambs sanded, all rocks removed from the garden, all pencil pines dispensed of and side of shed cleared for water tanks to be delivered).
House & grounds in original condition

Kitchen/dining wall coming down

Kitchen in

Kitchen out

Second bedroom

Laundry/bathroom wall coming down

Bathroom coming out

The linen press that was

Bye bye bathroom

The inside of the house - outside

Lino coming up

Now you see the pencil pines

Our house guest that was

Fence coming down

Pathway being dug up

Cobblestone pavers going down

Pre pavers

Driveway preparation for pavers

Darrell laid the new plumbing - too clever

Our lovely new driveway

Footpath being dug up

Path rubble - to be loaded by hand into the trailer and dumped- literally back breaking work!

Our extended bathroom c/- Darrell's new stud wall

Thirs bedroom - yes - more salt damp!

Old laundry out

Gardening - in the removal stage

No more pencil pines (after I drove down the street with a rope tied to them- whatever works)

No more fence

Floor sanding begins

Our beautiful natural boards

Look what I caught!

This stump was just too hard for us mere mortals - we needed heavy artillary- the stump grinder!

Our bedroom - not quite finished

Wallpaper coming down

Patch it up

More previous tenants

Inside the fireplace

Amazing what a difference a coat of paint makes

Wardrobe ready for installation

Living room floor partly sanded

Hallway damaged Keystone down

New Keystone up

Hallway damaged Capital mould down

And the cracks keep on giving

Burning back the doorframes, daddos and window frames

Our new doors and windows (all 19 of them!)

To the left - non water balsted and to the right - water blasted & clean

And Darrell continues to do an amazing job!

28 September 2011

Nice and early our 3 water tanks arrive and as I load photos and type Darrell is fitting our little rain catchers!! yeah - we will have rainwater on tap to drink - Nice..