Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lights, camera, action...

Some lights were easier than others to install.  The second hall light was an edition by us, so my trooper (aka Darrell) had to crawl in the roof space to wire up, check it out.
Roof space

No light


View to the back of the house

View looking to the front of the house



Power to the people

Our backing boards are painted and wired up for power


Darrell finished painting our mantels and has cleverly securely installed them - voila!
Living room


Main bedroom

Monday, 21 November 2011

In the raw

Our hallway - pre sanding

Mantel makeover

With our new mantels assembled - a lick of paint and they can be installed...

Privacy please

Darrell fits our new doors that we had made, in readiness for painting and hanging.

Toilet door fitted

Bathroom door fitted

Doors being spray painted

Fly screen frames being spray painted

Hot in the Country

Our third and final hearth is fitted - another task completed - Darrell sighs with relief


Hearth fitted

Hearth and fireplace - we are nearly there

Instant heat

Our Rinnai has been installed, we are one step closer to hot water - bliss

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Out on a limb

We have 2 beautiful pepper trees on our property - however they were in dire need of a haircut - so Brad from 'Out on a limb tree lopping services' came to our rescue and with Darrell & I dragging the almighty offcuts to the mulching machine - we have tame trees and plenty of mulch for our garden.


Brad doing his thing in the Cherrypicker

Creating chaos to create order

Our pepper tree having a hair cut

High in the sky

Our naked tree

Lopped branches

Being turned into mulch

Our mulch - I can see a vegie garden coming on

Monday, 14 November 2011

All fired up

Our third bedroom being prepared for our custom made Mintaro slate hearth.

Out with the old

Making a mess to fit our hearth

Walls up

Darell has gyprocked and skimmed our dining room - we have walls

Framework - no gyprock

And let there be gyprock


Shower time

With the bathroom floor levelled, it is tiling time and then our custom made 'floating' shower screen is fitted - it is our first visible bathroom fitting in our new bathroom.

Floor primed ready to be tiled

And let the tiles be laid

We have a bathroom floor

The tiles - grouted

Floating shower screen fitted

More laundry

The piece of resistance - my tap!

A coat of paint

Our gorgeous hallway - finally painted