Thursday, 5 January 2012

Kitchen creation

Darrell commences work on our kitchen - all the background work - moving plumbing and drainage, electricity and gas, sealing up the door,  building a frame for our bi-fold window, gyprocking the walls -  and so the list of work continues
Door and window removed

The redirected plumbing begins

The start of our bi-fold window frame

Darrell builds the wall framework

And gyprocking commences

More gyprocking

Outlets in place

Plumbing, electrical and gas

And the work continues

Linen love

The building of our linen press

Darrell putting together the cupboards

The wall being gyprocked

Cupboards to be fitted

Cupboards in

And more cupboards

Our linen storage

Gyprocked ready for cornicing

On the move

We excitedly move furniture in our new home in readiness to welcome some Sydney friends into our home for Christmas.  We have no kitchen, but we have the essentials, and we have champagne and glasses to cheers to the occasion - and so our journey continues - with us now tenanting our Maitland home - our first night at home - 23/12/2011.

Second bedroom

With a bed

Second bedroom complete

With light

Master bedroom - sisal floor covering

A bed fit for a king - handmade by Tony Miller

Our bedroom

Sleep zone

Our bedroom lit up

Grand entrance

A little TLC for the front entrance - burning back the paint on the frame, a lick of paint, a new security door I designed to match the beautiful hand forged gate, a welcome mat, some chairs and plants - and it start to look like home.

Burning back the wood work

Painting the woodwork

Security with style

Our wrought iron door

Our front entrance

Dining updates

Our dining room sees some changes for the better - lights, air- conditioning, a new side entrance and a new sun room door - all care of Darrell

Wired for light

Our nickel pendant lamps

Air conditioning - just in time for the heat wave

Kane and son - doing their air conditioning thing

Nearly there

Up and running

Out with the old

Getting ready for our door to be fitted


Darrell has fitted the side entrance door frame with side lites

Our beautiful side entrance door - fitted

Dining to sun room door fitted

Bedroom Bliss

Our bedroom comes together, handles fitted to the built ins, mantel in, Mintaro slate hearth fitted, floor polished, walls painted, fan and light fitted (with a dimmer, no less) and windows complete.

We have a handle on it

Our gorgeous fireplace complete

Through the window

The finished product - gone with the aluminium windows, in with the wooden sash windows, on with the brass hardware and our beautiful linen blinds (with a special thanks to Letitia of The White Shed and Felicity of Linen Press Interiors)

Our new windows - undressed


Roman blinds up and looking dashing

Master bedroom - waiting to be blinded


From seed to lawn

A bobcat to clear the land, a lot of labour on our part, some seeds, some mulch, some lawn feed and of course sun & a good watering and voila!

Our baby grass

And the rain

And more rain - on our front lawn

Moraya madness

Our grass