Monday, 19 December 2011

Slabbing it

Darrell concretes in our slab for our gas bottles - one step closer to hot water.

Slab laid - ready for gas!

Look up

Darrell does some fine work on the dining and hallway ceiling and puts up cornices.

Ceiling being skimmed

Ceiling and walls skimmed

Hallway skimmed

Cornices going up

Cornices looking good

More cornice

Walls undercoated

Ready to shed some light

Hall cornice work

Bathroom brass

Our bathroom comes together, and my custom made toilet brushes - designed by moi - beautiful!

Finally- a flushing toilet

Love it - especially my designed and custom made toilet brush

Our claw bath

Taps going in

More brass

And more....

Bath heaven

Windows - complete with glass shelves

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Bathroom love

After a good clean to remove all the reno grime, our bathroom starts it's fit out - with our shiny brass hardware.

At last - we have a toilet

And it flushes - what more could you ask for?

Shower hardware begins

Hot & Cold water - we are spoilt

Anticipation of having a shower is very exciting

Nearly there


It's the little things - our beautiful brass toilet brush and holder


Darrell fits our brass floor vents.

New ceilings

Darrell has been busy gyprocking again - and it is no easy task to gyprock the ceiling single handed - but he completes the task well - you have to love a clever tradie.

Existing ceiling - made from styrofoam no less!

The gyprocking begins

And the gyprocking continues

We have a dining room ceiling
Gyprocking down the bathroom hallway

Nearly there

And another ceiling is complete

Skimming begins

Skimming continues

Out with the old, in with the traditional

To pay homage to our beautiful old character filled house, we decided to remove all the aluminium windows and doors, and replace with wooden windows and doors that are more in keeping with the period - see the transition for yourself.

Bedroom 3 - getting wood ready

Frame going in

Top sash in

Outside view

Sash in and being painted

Darrell's 'workshop' in the bedroom

Master bedroom - with aluminium sash windows

Out with the aluminium

Wooden frames going in

Painting complete

Sashes in and painted

Outside view of our new 'old' windows

Brass hardware fitted

Backyard blitz

Two strong boys and a bobcat later - our backyard starts it's transformation, to get grass and veggie garden ready!
The mess that was

And the fence comes tumbling down

Joss- doing his thing

On the way to order

Pulling the ugly pipe out

Looking good

The side- looking good

Front yard - let there be grass

Back yard - let there be grass