Monday, 24 September 2012

Front of house

With many projects still on the go, my industrious husband starts the next project - the front verandah. With many jobs to be done - we have started at the top and are working our way down.

Removing the iron lace

Iron lace removed for restoration

Iron lace sandblasted & repaired

Iron lace spray undercoated

Pillars burnt back ready for repair and painting
Painted Iron Lace & Painted Pillars

Open & Shut

We have lived without internal doors for quite some time, so you can understand that we are excited with the progress of the doors in readiness for hanging  - thanks again to Darrell, and his heat gun.

Burning back the many layers of paint on the original doors

The workshop - in action

A room with a view

Our sunroom destruction has started as has our sunroom rebuild. Once it is finished it will be a beautiful space with double french doors and lots of light. The sunroom overlooks our backyard where we can see the progess of our home grown veggie garden and keep an eye on our puppy - Coco.

Our sunroom framework - not in mint condition

Windows being pulled out

Cladding - original condition

Sunroom - being insulated

Being gyprocked

Being skim coated

Insulating and gyprocking the ceiling 

We are back - in the backyard

We have been working on our humble veggie patch - we have loaded soil and mulched and planted seeds and the weather has seen them watered. We have even put up a small fence to separate the formal garden from the edible garden (and as we have a new resident - Coco our chocolate Labrador puppy - the fence is meant to serve to keep her out of this section. However she is small enough to fit through the fence at the moment - for her to self serve to all that is growing within)!
Our spinach harvest (and non puppy proof fence to the left)!

Catch up in the kitchen

I was looking at the date I last blogged, and it was in April! Now we in September (and Spring as it happens) We were finishing the kitchen back in April, and then came the unpacking - the exciting part - so I thought I would share my kitchen space with you - as I unpacked.
Corner shelving

Love this space saving idea

And the unpacking begins

Lucky we have all that storage

The unpacking of boxes continues

Now for the glasses