Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sunroom Revisited

Well - it has been some time since I last wrote of any renovation work on the Sunroom.  We have though, been making progress in 2014 - much to our delight!

The long hours and precision work is seeing our Sunroom looking less like Coco's large kennel and more like our Sunroom (although I am not sure that Coco sees this as a good thing!)

Sarking in progress

Sarking, Insulation & Cladding in progress

Cladding in Progress

Cladding continues

Sunroom Interior - Ceiling beams

Sunroom - Ceiling Installation

Sunroom - Ceiling Installation Completed
Our gorgeous Coco - pleading to keep her big outdoor kennel space

1 comment:

  1. Your sunroom is definitely looking good. I do hope that everything turns out well and that you'll be able to update us on the status of the renovations. Anyway, Coco looks absolutely adorable, especially with those pleading eyes. All the best!

    Alan Sullivan @ Window Pro