Sunday, 30 October 2011

Our Arrival

We arrive in Maitland SA on 2 May 2011, after a 3 day drive with our trailer fully laden. Maybe the blog should be called huge change! North Sydney to Maitland - so different. We put our bed together and unpack car and trailer - and have dinner and go to bed exhausted and it is all a little surreal for this city gal.

We awake in the Rendezvous Hotel, and looking forward to the day in the big smoke - Adelaide- so we go tool shopping for my hard working hubby.  With that done and too much money spent we go back to our lovely room and get ready for dinner at MAGILL - the Penfolds restaurant  - 10 course degustation and 2 glasses of Grange!!!  Completely sated we move slowly (full of fine food and wine) to our taxi to take us home.
09/05/11 DAY 1
Daunting!  We start with the shop.  We have our first Mouse moment (currently rife in SA) - nothing a friendly bop on the head doesn't fix - now the mouse is having a little sleep. We pull out the walls, the lino and the kitchen in the front room - full trailer load of dump worthy rubbish.  We have no electricity connected yet, so as it heads into dusk it is the end of our reno for the day.  Day one completed successfully, and we take our tired bodies home.

10/5/11 DAY 2
Tired and sore we take the fully laden trailer to the farm and unload into the fire pit - and viola - rubbish up in smoke. 

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