Saturday, 22 October 2011

It's all about the Water

Darrell has been working furiously on the bathroom and toilet - we still live in hope of moving in, in December 2011 - and of course a bathroom and running water are fairly necessary if we are to meet our December goal.
The weather has been kind - Darrell installed our big rain water tank on Wednesday and on Thursday the sky opened up and rained straight into our tank - so we are very lucky. Now we need the rain to stop so our stonemason can fix our external walls!

Toilet gyprocking complete - ready for tiling

Floor tiling complete - ready for wall tiling

Wall Tiling complete - ready for grouting

Wall tiling nearly complete - and grouting on the go

Electrical and light backing boards painted - ready for wiring

Waratahs ready for walls (sanded by Kristine, painted by Darrell)

Our third bedroom floor getting some much needed attention

The sky opened up - into our new rain water tank - bless

Look what we made - a radish!

And our lovely white standard rose bush


  1. I do love subway tiling - looks like things are moving along well - Tell me about the waratahs, are they for air vent covers? - SP

  2. Yes - the waratahs are the air vent covers- to replace the plain and small air vents that were there. We tessilate the tiles to be in character with the home - we did both of these things in our Nth Sydney reno and they looked great. Cheers